ASME B20.1: Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment, 2003

The ASME B20.1 - 2009 Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment presents certain guides for the design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance of conveyors and related equipment. The conveyors may be of the bulk material, package, or unit-handling types, where the installation is designed for permanent, temporary, or portable operation.

The ultimate goal of this Standard is to help protect public safety, while reflecting industry best-practices.

The first edition of the ASME Safety Standard for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment was approved by the American Standards Association (now known as the A.N.S.I.) as American Standard B20.1-1947. Since then it has been continuously updated to reflect technology advances.

B20.1 offers essential guidance for safety to both public and private sectors:

Product Details

Publisher: ASME

Publish Date: 2009

Pages: 24

Language: English

ISBN: 9780791831946

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